Sunday, November 4, 2007

NFL Pick Em' Bet: Week 9 week is in the books and we both did pretty well I guess. We tied.

Real Detroit Sports: 9-4
The Way it Is: 9-4

Sunday, November 4, 2007:

Denver Broncos @ Detroit Lions

My Pick: Detroit Lions

Green Bay Packers @ Kansas City

My Pick: Green Bay

New England Patriots @ Indianapolis colts

My Pick: New England

Cincinnati Bengals @ Buffalo Bills

My Pick: Cincinatti

Carolina Pnathers @ Tennessee Titans

My Pick: Tennessee

Seattle Seahawks @ Cleveland Browns

My Pick: Cleveland

San Diego Chargers at Minnesota Vikings

My Pick: San Diego

Houston Texans @ Oakland Raiders

My Pick: New York Giants

Bufalo Bills @ New York Jets

My Pick: Buffalo

Jacksonville Jaguars @ New Orleans Sains:

My Pick: Jacksonville

Arizona Cardinals @ Tampa Bay Bucs

My Pick: Tampa Bay

Washington Redskins @ New York Jets

My Pick: Washington

San Francisco 49ers @ Atlanta Falcons

My Pick: San Francisco

Dallas Cowboys @ Philadelphia Eagles

My Pick: Dallas

Monday, November 5, 2007:

Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburg Steelers

My Pick: Pittsburg

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rodney Stuckey Breaks Hand: Out 6 Weeks

Looks like our rookie phenom is going to be our 3-6 weeks apparently. Closer to six weeks it appears after having surgery earlier today.

The rookie from Eastern Washington injured his hand in Detroit's final pre-season game Wednesday night. He averaged 12.1 points, 3.5 rebounds, 3.1 assists and 1.3 steals in eight games.

Stuckey was expected to start the season next week at Miami playing a key role, primarily backing up point guard Chauncey Billups.

This SUCKS. Looks like we are going to get a healthy dose of Flip Murrayand Lindsey in the early going this year.

"This is where having Lindsey Hunter comes into play," Pistons president of basketball operations Joe Dumars said.

Bah...screw HUNTAH. Guy is worthless now.

"Obviously, I'm disappointed," he said. "I've never broken anything before, and now I'm going to have to sit out."

The NFL Pick Em Bet: Week 8

A friend and I have been kind of playing the pick em war since the start of the NFL season, bnd have at this point shown that we are tied through 7 weeks of play at 63 wins and 40 losses. We have decided to spice it up a little since we have too much disposable income and are going to take our tied record and bet for the total wins at the end of the season openly on a couple of our blogs. Just to make it interesting we have decidd that we are going to throw $50K each on the table and see who walks away with the money :). We pick straight up with no spreads.

My Picks for this Week:

Sunday, October 28, 2007:

Detroit Lions @ Chicago Bears

My Pick: Detroit Lions

Indianapolis colts @ Caroilina Panthers

My Pick: Indianapolis

Pittsburg Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals

My Pick: Pittsburg

Oakland Raiders @ Tennessee Titans

My Pick: Tennessee

Cleveland Browns @ ST. Louis Rams

My Pick: Cleveland

Philadelphia Eagles at Minnesota Vikings

My Pick: Minnesota

New York Giants @ Miami dolphins

My Pick: New York Giants

Bufalo Bills @ New York Jets

My Pick: Buffalo

Houston Texans @ San Diego Chargers:

My Pick: San Diego

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Tampa Bay Bucs

My Pick: Tampa Bay

Washington Redskins @ New England Patrions

My Pick: New England

New Orleans Saints @ San Francisco 49ers

My Pick: San Francisco

Monday, October 26, 2007:

Green Bay Packers @ Denver Broncos

My Pick: Denver

The guy I'm betting against picks are in the lonk below:

The Way it Is Week 8 Picks

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Roy Williams: Pizza Delivery Boy

Photo from the Detroit Free Press
A couple weeks back a widely publicized interview with Detroit Lions wide reciever Roy Williams, it was said that Roy was a bad tipper. HE even went on to say that he didn't tip the pizza delivery guy at all. Since he had outed himseelf, Pizza Hut decided to give him a chance to see what life was like as a delivery driver for a pizza chain.

With cameras rolling, and a whole slew of spectators, just like on Sundays, Roy Williams arrived at Tiffany Marchyok's front door Tuesday evening holding a pepperoni pizza in a Pizza Hut windbreaker.

"You're the one who doesn't tip, right?" Marchyok said as she swung open her screen door.

A company executive in Dallas had challenged Williams to deliver pizzas for an afternoon when he got wind of Williams' penchant for stiffing pizza delivery people. (Williams said he assumed the gratuity was included in the bill.)

When he handed the pepperoni pizza to Marchyok, she asked him what the total was.

"The total is on the house," he said.

She thanked him, had him pose for pictures with children and watched as Williams headed back to the black Suburban waiting for him at the curb, trying to catch her breath.

"He's cuter in person," she said.

Williams started his afternoon at a Pizza Hut on Telegraph, where he met with the manager and some other employees for a quick training session to learn the dos and don'ts of the delivery business.

In other words, the rules he apparently hadn't been thinking of every time he sent the delivery person away empty-handed.

They include:

• Do NOT carry excess personal cash.

• Drive with the doors locked.

• Do not park in driveways.

• Never cross the threshold of a house.

• Walk quickly and stay alert.

• Do NOT handle money in the open.

• Drive with doors locked.

"He was humble," said Steve Berry, a driver for Pizza Hut. "I think he knows he got himself into this."

At the NFL Youth Education Team Boys and Girls Club on Detroit's west side, Williams arrived with a couple of pizzas. It was his first stop after the training. Dozens of kids -- mostly 6 and 7 -- asked him questions.

"Why did you start making pizzas?" a kid asked, not realizing that Williams was only delivering them.

"Because I didn't tip the pizza man," Williams explained to them.

After a few more questions and answers, the receiver reached into his pocket and pulled out a crumpled $100 bill. He held it high and asked the crowd of children who wanted it.

Chaos ensued as the kids crushed up against the 6-foot-4 Williams, knocking him back a step. Some of the center's employees had to act as human barricades.

"Wow," Williams turned and mouthed as the kids finally backed up.

He had wanted to relate a story that no matter how crumpled something is, someone, somewhere is still going to want it. The moral of his story was lost. But Williams didn't seem to mind.

He had learned his lesson.

Pistons Youngsters Show Promise

Playing at Van Andel in grand Rapids last night in a pre-season game, Pistons youngsters showed that they have promise and displayed a little of what we may expect to enjoy this upcoming season. Chauncey Billups (DNP-coaches decision) and Richard Hamilton (ankle sprian) did not play so there was plenty of opportunity to get a look from the newbies.

"Probably the biggest positive was even though they made mistakes, they stayed aggressive," Saunders said. "Down the stretch, they didn't play not to win, they played to make plays. That was a positive."

Rookie Sammy Mejia said one of the reasons why they played so well together was because of the bonds formed on Detroit's summer-league team in July.

"We had a good chemistry when we were out there as a group," said Mejia, who had four points and seven rebounds. "We spent two weeks together in Las Vegas, playing together and practicing. That was good experience."

Jason Maxiell had a strong game with 25 points and a game high 12 rebounds in the contest on 11-15 shooting in 33 minutes. He threw in 4 assists and 3 blocks as well. Rodney Stuckey, starting in place of Billups, had 17 points, seven rebounds and six assists and played 40 minutes. His shooting was a bit off at 3-11, but he was able to get to the line often going 10-11 from the stripe. A solid all-around game for him, which has seemed to be missing in previous exhibition contests. It was good to see him put together a fuller stat line for the game instead of being relied on strictly as a scorer. Stuckey even connected on a 45-foot bank shot at the end of the 1st quarter with the clock running out.

Rookie, Cheikh Samb, is expected to spend most of this season with Detroit's Development League affiliate in Fort Wayne, Ind., had eight points, nine rebounds, three assists and two blocked shots.

"It just goes to show, you give guys some time, they can produce," said Detroit's Rasheed Wallace. "He (Samb) did a couple of good things tonight. Had the (jumper) from the baseline, the jump hook ... Cheikh did his thing tonight."

"That's the name of the game," said Pistons forward Jarvis Hayes. "The better the competition, the better your game becomes. When you don't have somebody pushing you, you can become lackadaisical and kind of just go through the motions. But anytime you have a very competitive
team, up and down the roster, rookie or veteran, it makes everybody play harder."

Afflalo, who had 10 points off the bench. Another of the guards drafted this year. HE is expected to contribute this season.

"We got some veterans guys who have been here a while, and this is their team," Afflalo said. "We're trying to join in on that family."

Veteran Flip Murray added 21 points in 23 minutes.

This is going to be an exciting season I think. Wasn't real high on this team last year with what we had going in on the bench, but at least these young guys are a bit more exciting. Stuckey is supposed to be awesome and we all know that Amir Johnson (DNP-sprained ankle) is looked at as a future freak.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tatum Stays, and Says he's Fine

The trade deadline came and went, and Tatum Bell is still a Lion. Reports said that he asked for a trade after the Lions had told him he would be playing behind Kevin Jones now that he had returned from injury. Anyone watching the games could see this coming froma mjule away. KJ was just more effective when he was on the field. Shots panning to Tatum on the sidelines showed you that he was already wquite upset during the game when he wasn't being used, but he should have played better. He had a few weeks to make his mark before KJ came back and proved nothing.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Tatum Bell Wants a Trade

Apparently after seeing that Kevin Jones is going to take on the bulk of the running back load this season, Tatum Bell has asked to be traded according to sources in Detroit. This comes as little surprise, but make you wonder what he is worth.

Right now the Tampa Bay Bucs have a huge need for a feature RB. They have lost not only Caddilac Williams for the year, but are down to theri 3rd string Grayham who is no where near ready to shoulder the laod. Starting out witha 3-1 record the Bucs are beginning to struggle with out any sort of running game. The Lions have a few int eh stable and could certainly live with out Tatum Bell, who has the most value of anyone who won't be the feature back. Tatum Bell was acquired via trade from the Denver Broncos in the off season for Lions cornerback Dre' Bly. Bly would be playing opposite the best CB in the league in Champ Bailey and it looked like that backfield would be inpenetrable.

The Lions acquired Bell because of questions about KJ's avilability this season. Now that he is back from injury it is apparent that he is the more effective of the two RBs in MAtrz' explosive offensive system.

The Lions are far from a great team and could use a ton of help on the defensive side of the ball, or even on the offensive line if you asked most fans. A defensive back of any calibur is probably better than the scrubs they throw out there week to week. Tatum being on the block apparenlty should cause some waves, and hopefully there will be some news forthcoming soon.